Presentations & Workshops

The last couple of years I’ve had a lot of fun speaking at the Alaska Treatment Free Beekeeping Symposium in Wasilla, Alaska. I’m available to speak by invitation at other events as well.

The Alberta government workshops are not happening for 2018. So I guess you’re on your own in finding a workshop that suites your needs!

I’ve decided to step back from organizing workshops to focus on my own operation and honey production. I’ll always be available for some quick words of advice at my market stalls (Old Strathcona year-round and the Downtown Market on 104st in the summer). I’m also decently active on the following facebook groups: Strathcona County Beekeeping Association, Edmonton Urban Beekeepers, and Alberta Beekeeping Buy, Sell, Forum. There are lots of other people who can help you out on those pages as well.

Good luck and Happy Beekeeping!