Beanstalk Honey started nine years ago near North Cooking Lake in Strathcona County. For the first couple of years, I grew organic vegetables and kept laying hens. But when I started keeping bees as well, everyone wanted the honey. My first year I sold out of honey by the middle of September. Over a period of two years, I transitioned to only honey and pollen production. Today I sell honey at the City Market Downtown and the Old Strathcona Market, both in Edmonton on Saturdays.

A word about the name- it comes from Jack and the Beanstalk. I believe in individuals growing food for their community members, rather than corporations producing our food. In some metaphorical interpretations of Jack and the Beanstalk, the giant in the sky represents corporations, and Jack climbs up there and takes the means for food production back, re-locating them in his community. So that’s where Beanstalk Honey draws it’s name. Admittedly, it made more sense when I grew vegetables!

And back to the business… Honey at the market stall comes from my own bees in Strathcona County and from other beekeepers I know in the area. This allows me to offer wonderful monofloral honeys and some great polyfloral honeys. I love showing off the diversity of honey flavours we get from our Alberta flowers.