Tail of the Season

The weather has turned cool and the Beanstalk’s garden is pretty much done for the season. A hard frost on Thursday night flattened the corn, sunflowers, squash, tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplants and peppers. The fields have all been hayed and immediatly after they’re hayed the deer come in and eat my garden, so my peas and beets have all been eaten by four-legged mammals instead of two. Most of what does remain will be kept for myself for the winter. But I still have some honey available.

In preparation for the winter we are building a simple little cabin in the coming weeks so it’s okay that the garden has come to an end. The cabin is going to have a big sunroom that will serve as my seed-starting greenhouse in the spring. I’ll post photos once it’s up. I am also going to a workshop on the coast about market gardening next week. This is the perfect time to go because the successes and challenges of this past summer are still fresh in my mind and I am looking forward to gathering lots of great new ideas for how to improve next summer.

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