Native Pollinators

In the last three days the trees have blossomed and all the native pollinators are buzzing around. I’m amazed at their diversity; I’ve never paid attention before to all the varieties of wasps and bees! The native pollinators far outnumber my honey bees right now. I’m feeding my bees “nector” and “pollen” in the hive to make sure they don’t starve and so it appears they aren’t out foraging as much as they could be. They’ve already drawn out almost all the foundation I gave them and are busy tending to their larvae. By next week there should be baby bees emerging! I’m hoping the wild pollinators and the honey bees are able to coexist without competition.

1 thought on “Native Pollinators

  1. so do you just feed them less in the hive to get them to go searching for food on their own,
    weening them off little by little from their nector in the hive until they are on there own?

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