Fenugreek as cover crop

I’m growing plenty of arugula, fennel, and fenugreek this summer, so start looking up recipes! Fenugreek is the experiment. Apparently its maple syrup-like flavour lends itself to being used in maple syrup substitutes. It also has many other medicinal properties in addition to being a spice in curries. I’m growing it mostly as a cover crop but I will be harvesting some as well. There is some thought that fenugreek may be an ideal cover crop because it is an annual that will not become a weed problem, only needs to be cut once at the end of the season, and has a high nitrogen content.  Being a legume from the Mediterranean, it is supposed to do quite well in the prairie provinces where lack of moisture and moderately hot conditions are similar to its native land. Or at least that’s my understanding- we’ll see what happens this summer!

2 thoughts on “Fenugreek as cover crop

    • I found it had trouble out-competing weeds in the beginning because it grows quite slowly. I was having to go through and weed my cover crop! Perhaps I didn’t plant it thickly enough. It was quite dry when it was germinating and that may have affected its germination rate. Overall, I wouldn’t try it again, to be honest. It’s better grown as a food crop.

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