Beanstalk Honey is now teaching courses!

Way, way back in July, I decided to start developing curriculum for some online courses. It sounded like such a simple idea. I created a new arm of Beanstalk Honey called Beanstalk Bees. I figured I’d have my first course out by December.

Eight months later, I’ve built a website, I’ve bought a camera, a mic, another camera, another mic, and better camera lenses. Finally, I’ve bought a new computer, one that is capable of video editing at a faster rate than glaciers move (which is how fast my Macbook Air could open and edit videos). I’ve tried about two dozen different applications in various combinations. I’m sure anyone who has tried to do something similar knows just what that process looks like. Let’s just say getting to this point has taken a bit of commitment!

And now, I’m happy to say my courses are almost ready to launch. The “Selling Honey in Alberta” mini-course will be the first offering. “Wintering Bees in Cold Climates” should be out soon after. “Getting Started in Bees” will be a few weeks after that but it should still be out in plenty of time for the spring season.

The website is obviously new, so let me know if anything is weird or confusing, please. There’s a lot going on on that website.

As always, please feel free to email me at, in this case, beanstalkbees at with course suggestions, questions, or anything else.

Happy learning!

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