Back to School

Maybe you’ve noticed I’m not in my usual spot at the Old Strathcona Farmer’s Market. In November, I decided it was time for a change. I sold honey at up to four farmer’s market a week for ten years! That’s a lot of time spent standing at market stalls and a lot of time spent jarring honey in my honey house. I was ready for a change. Maybe you’ll see me selling honey again someday and I’ll post here if I do, but for the moment I’m pursuing my love of honey bees by conducting research at the University of Alberta. I’ll post more about my exciting new line of research soon!

But back at the farm here, I do have 30 heritage Chantecler hens laying eggs like nobody’s business right now. If you’re interested in purchasing some eggs ($4/dz), please shoot me an email. I also have goats and sheep now. I’ll be a first time lamb-mom soon and in the future I hope to start selling sheep meat and wool products. I’m planning a big garden this summer as well so I’ll probably have some vegetables available for purchase. My farming days aren’t done, they’re just shifting, and I hope some of you make the transition with me.

Thanks for looking!

3 thoughts on “Back to School

  1. I had the last drop of the Ginger Honey today at breakfast. I have had that every morning for my Sunday breakfast for many yrs, and one of those comfort staple routines in my life. Sad to see it no longer available, but thank you for making great honey available to us for many yrs. Let me know if you know of anyone else that makes great creamed ginger honey, and good luck with the next journeys in your life.


  2. I live just down the road from you and have been thinking of starting bees as we have a small saskatoon farm. Just seeing your posts are almost a year old. Wondering if you are still offering courses or not.

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